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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is the Ryder Cup loss a sign of the times?

Ok, it's been ages since I've updated things here.

Watching the Ryder Cup this last weekend we got me to thinking... and that's always dangerous. You see, I personally believe that many of the events we've been witnessing are truely "signs of the times".

What do I mean?

Let me begin with some perspective. That perspective is that we Americans believe we are the best, the richest, the fastest, the most intelligent, the most innovative... and I could go on ad nauseum.

When you look around, you suddenly must realize that the USA and those of us who both inhabit and are citizens of this fine country, are not at the top of our game. We're not first in very many categories that we should be proud of.

Is that bad or is it a reflection that we've done an awesome job of "spreading the wealth" with our friends and neighbors. After all, a lot of "foreign students" have rightly returned home to help their own countries progress.

Don't get me wrong in my opinion about my own country. It's just that having worked on the Internet for over 6 years now, I've begun to have a greater "world view". In all honesty, it really creates problems for me locally, especially if I voice support for a view other than the local provincial one.

In another blog, I'll be setting forth my opinion on changes that could help us regain the Ryder Cup. You see, I'm a big golf fan... and while the loss hurt, I know that in time, things will even out. We'll get that cup back!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Shari's Gone Berserk... the Heat's Gotten to her...

You're hearing it hear first!

Because you've been reading my blog, you get to take full advantage of me. Yep, that means I'm yours... totally!

Never before have I shared this with you... The summer time heat has finally taken it's toll on me. I've totally lost my mind.

You see, this is my sixth long hot summer of stinking revenue on the Internet. I'm totally sick of it!

Add to that the heat... We've been stuck in near 100 degree heat here now for 3 days with not much relief in site and it's finally driven me totally nutzo!

So nutzo, that I've decided to enslave myself to you.

You know how I've always stressed that summer time was the time to prepare for the fall avalanche of business? And how this is the very time you should be getting your web site in order, mapping out your ad campaign, etc?

I want to be part of your equation... I want to help so badly (not to mention I'm so broke and bored) that I'm literally slashing my web copywriting fees to mere pennies on the dollar.

Here's what I'm expecting from you... no whining! You know the quality of my writing. I'm making things SO AFFORDABLE, you can't say no.

You've got to have killer headlines.

  • I write those.
  • I have software that proves they are dripping with emotion...
  • the very kind of headlines that draw your readers to your story.
  • You simply must employ my services.

Google Ads is changing BIG TIME! Let me write your ads.

Press releases are all the rage... do you have your own dynamite, interest-piquing press release? Believe me, when you have thousands seeing your press release, you will get noticed.

Here's the deal...

From now until Aug 31, 2006, I will write headlines for you, not at my normal fee of $60 per headline, but at the amazingly low price of just $10 per headline. You'll get my unwavering committment to quality as well as documentation that your headline is packed with emotion... and that's what makes a "killer headline".

I'll write Google Ads by the package... 3 targeted ads for just $15... I think I've lost my head on this one... but hey, I have gone nutzo here.

You need a press release? I've got a deal that's nearly impossible to refuse... Now, for this, you'll have to e-mail me... tell me what you'll trade in the way of advertising exposure for me, and I'll tell you my price. In other words, I'll trade ad credits and a reduced fee.

Ok, so how do you cash in on this absolutely unheard of deal?

It's simple... drop me a line here. Be sure to provide me your name, e-mail address, and Yahoo IM if you have one.

We will then make contact by IM or e-mail or web conference. Once I know what I'm writing for you, I'll get right to work. I'll set a deadline to return the work to you... if I miss that deadline I'll refund your money, and you'll still get whatever I contracted to write for you... that's a pretty solid guarantee.

There you have it... my personal web copywriting services, guraranteed for just pennies on the dollar.

Shari Thomas


Your Internet Business Mentor!

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's your Reticular Activating System telling you?

Mine's telling me that the winds of change are blowing... And, they're up to about the "fresh breeze" level.

What does that mean for you and me?

It means a lot, especially since that imminent change will rock your financial world.

The government has it's "key indicators".

I have my own "key indicators" that I watch... Until this last couple of months I've used them only as they apply to Internet Marketing.

Now, it's time to shout from the roof-tops...

You've got to change your spending habits!

Did you know there's a war going on? I mean besides the War on Terror.

There's a war for your hard earned dollars and you're losing the battle.

Look around! Marketers and advertisers vie for your attention in ways you've never imagined... and they grab your Reticulating Activator System and don't let go. You've got to re-program your brain!

I would venture to say that over 98% of the advertising you see is an effort to part you from your Ben Franklins, whether you can afford it or not.

It's gotten so bad that even ABC News is doing a series on it on the Nightly News.

Did you know...

The savings rate in the US has been NEGATIVE for the past 11 months? That means we're spending more than we make, and/or nibbling at our savings accounts, just to keep up with our out-of-control wants.

Interest rates have nearly doubled in the last 2 years. The Fed wants you to slow down this credit madness... Do you have any idea what interest rate increases do to your future earnings?

Did you know most folks with a mortgage, student loans, vehicle loans, other installment debt, and credit card loans are paying over 50% of their takehome money just to service those debts?

Folks, you gotta do something now.

I've been working with a retired stock analyst who found a company that will work with you to eliminate your debt.

It's not some hokey "negotiate away your debt" or "present the bank these papers" type scam.

Instead it's a company which has been servicing smart folks for several years. They've harnessed the financial and electronic power along with all the different strategies used to keep you in debt, and turned the tables on the lenders.

You can check out what I'm talking about at here. Be sure you take the time to really explore. Watch the informative movie... it's not a sales pitch. It's a very consice explanation of what they do, and how they can benefit you.

I've also created a blog about debt and how it affects you. You'll find informative information there to help you change your ways as painlessly as possible.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Market perception"... what's your time worth?

Do you ever feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel?

That's what these last 6 months have been for me as I've struggled to launch a new variation on my Internet publishing career.

Seeking work as a "web copywriter" is not as easy as most would expect. While there's not a ton of competition, there is a lot of work to be done in terms of "market perception".

What do I mean by "market perception"?

I'm talking about the value potential clients assign to the work they want done. Often, they have no idea what it takes to produce content, sales pages, ad copy, etc. I speak from experience as I've always produced my own marketing materials, even when I managed a Holiday Inn restaurant many years ago. I did all the design, layout and content for the menu, right down to the actual master.

Fortunately, I've learned to value time, so have no problem communicating my "hourly wage" to a client.

Here's where most folks get a little de-railed. They're clueless as to the research element. They think you should charge only for the time you're actually writing. That's like believing the iceberg you see is floating completely on the surface, when in reality, you're only seeing 10% of that massive iceberg.

Also, with "market perception" comes "client expectations"... or the apprehension of paying in advance for work.

Copywriters have you pay in advance because many folks have ripped us off. For example, we don't generally write something one time and call it good. We write drafts for your approval, and then re-write one or more times to get the piece polished.

Unscrupulous clients have disappeared only to re-surface much later with our exact copy. They've also taken draft copy to others to finish... or figured they could figure it on their own. That's why we get paid first.

Lastly, there's the position that clients believe copywriters should be paid on results. I have to take exception to that in all but a very few cases.

Yes, I've taken some jobs based on results. That is because the probability of success is relatively high, the payoff is huge, and the client and I have an established relationship.

Most cases, web copywriters will refuse "pay for results" as the process of obtaining results is completely out of the copywriter's hands. Think of it this way. You've asked for something to be written, and you're going to pay based on some sales generated. If you don't adequately market (that's advertise), then the copy is never seen. You think you have no results, when in fact... you don't know.

And so, the summer progresses as I continue to write, look for more people to write for, and establish more business relationships in varying areas

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sarah, the itchy dog, has her own blog now

Did you come here looking for information about Sarah, the Finnish Spitz with the itch?

She's so popular, she's got her own blog now. You can get to it by clicking on the title, or by copying and pasting this link into your browser... http://itchydogblog.blogspot.com

I really do like to keep this blog more business focused. While I may become a distributor of the product Sarah's using, until that time comes... she needs her own blog.

Take a short trot over there. I've moved all her posts and the new pictures there.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Web Copywriting Service Now Available

It's time... time for me to finally offer web copywriting services.

Why would I do that?

Well, besides wanting to get paid for something I've been doing for quite a while, I really believe that you benefit more from hiring a copywriter, than from searching out the deepest discounts on ad prices, hosting packages, and other professional services.

Your web copy speaks volumes for you, day in and day out... minute by minute. When it's working, you're getting results.

Now, I've not chosen this lightly. I also know that most folks really don't believe they should have to pay for something that they could seemingly just "lift" from a page. Yes, sadly I've seen that done.

Don't be foolish. Just because that copy worked for someone else, doesn't make it fit like a speedo for your web business.

You can find out more about this new service by going to AskShari.com and registering as a free member. Yes, there's a small price to pay (your free registration) for the privilege of detailed information. No, I won't share your info with anyone for any reason unless the law comes knocking on my door.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wow, time really slips away when you're not paying attention...

Geez, I didn't realize it has been a long time since I've posted to this blog.

My apologies...

You see, I've been out on the point doing the marketing for my good friends JPE Advertising with PixelsAnyone.com and they're latest fun addition to Joe and Mable.

I've got to tell you... it's been a long time since I've encountered such negativity, or perhaps veiled jealousy. I've been nearly run off of some forums just because I like to talk about this "pixel ad" concept.

I've been told it's a fad... I'm wasting my time... it will never work... it's just so "yesterday"... I'm a scammer... and sometimes worse.

Now, here's something I knew from the outset, this is one of those things that you either love or hate... and in today's world, the hater's are the more vocal than the lovers.

Let me share a few facts with you.

I've been tracking the Alexa rankings of about 100 "pixel ad" sites. Now, I know that Alexa isn't the best of trackers, but it does provide a bit of a common ground for all. It only works on IE. I only use IE when I need to check the Alexa ranking, so I know we're seeing only a percentage of the traffic.

Since Alex Tews first put up his site in early August, the traffic rankings have gotten better and better. Using only that number you get on the toolbar, I've been keeping track of sites with rankings better than 1 million. Yes, I understand that Alexa really only does much (graphwise) with sites at 100K or better.

Just in case you're not familiar with Alexa, their score is like golf... the lower the better. For example, this week, Amazon.com is #1, MSN.com is #2 and Yahoo is #3.

Not surprising, Alex's MillionDollarHomepage.com is sporting a 2108 ranking. That's up from 4637 just 35 days ago. More importantly, he also has a Google PR7.

There are only 12 "pixel ad sites" with Alexa rankings of better than 100K. PixelsAnyone, a relative "late comer" has been holding steady at #7, rising from #8 2 weeks ago. Keep an eye out as it continues to move up in the rankings.

Google PR is another story. Alex earned his PR7 after just 2 months. PixelsAnyone may have missed this month's "google dance", so watch out next month. Since PixelsAnyone is in this for the long haul, patience is the watchword.

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have recently added another exciting "pixel page"... Joe and Mable have gotten into the act. That's one very zany, over the top, duo.

You can expect lots of craziness from them... People are drawn to the Joe and Mable site to hear their latest irreverent takes on Internet Marketing... "Joe? Yes, Mable? Are we rich yet?"

If you've not yet checked them out, be prepared for an absolutely mind-blowing experience. Imagine, a New Yorker (Mannhattan type), an Aussie, and an Irishman...

Ok, so you've got two links to check out... PIxelsAnyone.com and JoeandMable.com. Help us fly Mable to Paris. Once you've spent a short while with Joe and Mable, you'll be happily contributing.

Shari Thomas
working hard in Forest Grove to fly Mable from NY to Paris

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pixels Anyone? owners "lose it" on the air...

Yeppers! It's all over the net... Phil Basten (aka Joe) and Jane Mark (aka Mable) have succumbed to a really strange problem...

Seems Joe and Mable are plotting a takeover. At least that's what I heard from their compatriot, the Irish bartender turned announcer.

Mable has created this silly jingle... and somehow there are clues to the takeover.

Give it a listen and see if it makes any sense to you.


As for me, well, you know I'm in this thing too... so I guess I'll be working more with Joe and Mable than Phil and Jane... gonna be a hilarious ride for sure.

Here's how you get front row seats for all the shenanigans... go to PixelsAnyone.com and order up a block or more of pixels. Draw up your favorite icon, and attach your best slogan.

Jane and Phil are "packing the house" for tons of laughs and thousands of eyeballs on your little icons.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vote for PixelsAnyone? at ThePixelWars

7 Very Important Reasons for why you've got to vote for PixelsAnyone at ThePixelWars ranking site.

  1. PixelsAnyone delivers the tons of traffic to our advertisers. You've got to have thousands of eyeballs on your ads every day!

  2. PixelsAnyone provides three price points (two on content-rich pages). At 25 cents, 50 cents or a buck per pixel... We're very affordable!

  3. PixelsAnyone is launching a humongous e-mail campaign. Our 13 JV Partners are mailing to over 10 million subscribers starting now and during the next 6 weeks.

  4. PixelsAnyone has staying power. We're the committed joint venture of an 8-year old online ad agency and a content-rich "infopreneuring" site.

  5. PixelsAnyone is focused on creating 1000's of raving advertisers and millions of very excited and loyal consumers. "You ain't seen nothin' yet, baby!"

  6. PixelsAnyone puts you first, whether you're the advertiser or the consumer. We know our role, and it isn't just to make a killing the easy way like over 300 others.

  7. Giving PixelsAnyone a "6" rating lets the world know you believe in what we're doing... even though we've not told you all our plans. You know how it is in a "copycat" market...

While there, we welcome your comments. Just remember, we may be "late to the party", but we've been getting all "gussied up" and laying all the really serious party plans. It's all about you... the advertiser, and the consumer!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Anatomy of PixelsAnyone.com Launch

Thought I'd share this story with you...
It's Jane's perspective on launching PixelsAnyone.com, written while she was entertaining her 2 1/2 year old grandson.

Jam on the carpet

© 2005 Jane Mark

Phil and I just got back from visiting my 2 and half year old grandson. If you ever want joy and delight in your life-have a grand child. I highly recommend it! :)

Sometimes you need it to give you a break from your busy, internet life. Especially when trials and problems, all businesses go through at times, appear on the scene.

There is an old Irish saying...

The possibility of bread landing jam side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

It's based on the the principal that... Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

Whenever you undertake a new project on the net, you need to have nerves of steel and a hearty constitution. It takes guts and determination to endure the birth of any new program, especially when that program involves complicated programming.

Two weeks ago Phil and I decided to get into the Pixel business. We loved the idea of driving people to one site with a lot of links on it and where our advertising clients can get continual click through's to their sites without any effort on their part. We also wanted to provide an effective advertising program for a one time cost that would let our clients advertise forever.
The concept was a pretty simple one. Kind of like baking a cake.
You take a pile of traffic, a splash of links and dollop of intrigue and you have a winning formula for your clients.

And so, Pixels Anyone?... was born.

But...like many births, the route is not as simple as it looks.

If you look at the site, it looks like a Picasso painting, but to get it online was something of a tech nightmare.

First all of the images had to be placed on the site manually which took over 30 minutes an image. It quickly became apparent to us that it was not the ideal way to run a site like this.

So we decided to automate everything.

The other thing we considered was tracking. Unless an advertiser put their own tracking link in their url, there was no way to track the hits people received to their site and even though we had our own test sites up the site which were getting lots of traffic, we had no way to track the hits for all our clients.

We instructed our programmer to automate the whole process and that is when the nightmares began.

The way scripts are born

Scripting can be a very messy process.

First you need a good idea.

Next you need someone who can describe that idea in detail so that a programmer can fully follow your idea and put in into coded form. This is called specking the script.

Then you need a good programmer who can follow your specs and...

Lastly you need to test and retest your script to make sure it is working as you envisioned Each step along this process can be hazardous.

For an example, not every idea can be put into code and even if it could, it may not be cost effective to develop it so when you have a new idea, you need to ascertain the cost and the time required to turn your idea into a reality.

If you decide an idea is worth pursing, you need to design spec pages for your programmer so that your idea is clear in every detail to him or her.

This is not just writing down a bunch of words which approximates your idea, it is actual html pages that walk the programmer through each and every step the end user will see when the script is finished.

For example you need to set up an admin area and list every function that you want the admin area to perform-every link must be listed on the page.

If there is a members area, you need to design that in precise detail.

Accompanying your html detailed pages, are a set of instructions to the programmer that tells him/her what function follows what-what the script does first and second and third and so on.

This can be a lengthy process and, if you have a number pages involved on your site, each page must be described with the same level of specificity. So, for example, if you have a home page, a login page, a contact page, a privacy page, a bio page a logout page and an order page. You must deliver all of these pages to your programmer so he/she knows how they all fit together.

Once you deliver the specs, the programming can begin but inevitably as your script begins to take form, things you did not consider in the beginning crop up and you have to make decisions as to how to change or modify your original concept in order to make it work effectively.

For example, on Pixels Anyone, when we decided to automate the script, the first attempt at it had the page loading to slowly and a way around that had to be found.

Things like this crop up no matter how careful you are in preparing your specs.

As the script begins to develop new ideas will present themselves to you and you will need to improve on your original idea. When they do, and they always do, you need to revise all those original specs to incorporate your new idea or changes. Then comes the extensive testing phase.

The result is a script you think works right and you release it to the public.

It's only when you present it to the public and place the script under load that you discover all the hidden flaws that did not come to light before.

One of our Partners, Shari Thomas, calls this "launching with your shorts down."

But here's where you are faced with 2 business choices.

1. You can hold your script from public scrutiny and keep testing it until it is perfect, or...

2. You can release it to the public, put it under heavy load and fix the bugs as they present themselves.

The second way is the most profitable way but it's also the most hair raising...

The alternative is to never release a script because you are afraid it will have some flaws in it. That is death in any business, particularly on the internet, where this happen instantaneously.

Through experience we found it works best if you launch it and then ask your subscribers or members to help you debug it. Most people are more than willing to help. Otherwise you will find that all your good ideas remain on the drawing board forever

There are time you need to bite the bullet, plunge into the deep end and swim fast. If you have a good programmer working with you, like we do, they will be there to correct all the errors as they present themselves.

It's okay to spill jam on the carpet occasionally as long as you are willing to spend a little time and effort cleaning it up:)



Jane Mark is CEO of JPE Advertising, a Full Service
Professional online Ad Agency. Together with her partner,
Phil Basten, Jane has written numerous articles for the
WebPro Times and has helped develop some of the most
popular advertising programs on the web.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ah, the joys of launching a program...

We've slaved for 20 days, putting together a script, developing strategies, creating ad copy, contacting and wooing JV partners...

It's been a "fast track" launch, for sure.

Now it's Sunday afternoon... a little over 24 hours since the automated script went live. Results are very encouraging. Traffic is up over the last 48 hours. The script is performing adequately, only a few minor bugs to squash.

Orders are being placed, sales are finalized. Life is good!

And then... just when you least expect it, your 3rd party mailer takes a dive. That's exactly what happened to me last night. I had an awesome killer announcement all set to go to my list... it was even scheduled. When I didn't get my copy on time, I sensed trouble... Sure enough! Dead mailer! They're doing "database maintenance", unnannounced again.

To spare me the embarrassment of not having sent the mailing... I'll share with you. Do enjoy...

PixelsAnyone.com Automates Pixel Purchasing!

Zowie! Twenty days from start to finish!

Select your ad space by highlighting the squares you want. The script will calculate your payment due and step you through the entire process. You may choose to advertise on our "master Picasso" for $1 per pixel, or on one of our "content rich" pages for .25 or .50 per pixel.

What does this mean for you as our advertiser?

  • It means you can EASILY select your ad location and much faster service! Just as soon as your payment is processed, your space is reserved for you.

  • Even more importantly, it means PixelsAnyone is steam rolling the stats! Mailings are prepared and being delivered as I write.

  • Your ad will be seen by millions for 5 years to come.

What does this mean for you, the startpage owner?

  • It means you'll see more ads to click on each time you open your browser.

  • You'll see every time someone reserves a space.

  • You will see the "Picasso" unfold before your very eyes!

Advertisers have been contacting us begging to be added. Watch for these new ads to arrive shortly!

For everyone, this is a win-win program. You, the viewer, gets quality offerings in a non-obtrusive manner, and the advertiser has an extremely affordable advertising platform getting only highly targeted clicks.

Tell your friends! Set PixelsAnyone.com as your default browser homepage. The show is ON THE ROAD!

Hmm... Pixels Anyone?

Shari Thomas

Mover and Shaker



PS. Got a list? Want to make some money? We're looking for a few more jvpartners. Use the "contact us" form and Jane will get right back to you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The early results on Pixel Advertising are coming in...

Since going into pre-launch on October 5th, it's been a whirlwind of activity. Just a short 48 hours later, PixelsAnyone.com was live on it's own server, attracting incredible attention in the process.

Sales have been awesome with over $22,000 in pixels sold. We also have orders for another $6000 or so. Those are awaiting icon submission and then upload to the server.

Press releases have been picked up by over 430 media outlets just since Saturday. Ya' think Jane's gonna be busy answering the phone and e-mail?

Our Alexa rating is very strong. In fact, I found a site which is tracking the Alexa ranking of over 100 "copycats". Within 4 short days, we've jumped to #8 in the list. Goal is to challenge for #1.

You can help with that by making PixelsAnyone.com your default browser page.

Here's what you get when you do that...

1. You get a colorful, frequently updated page that's becoming a virtual Picasso, or Rembrandt.

2. You will soon find neat little things hidden under those many icons. If you like treasure hunts, you're gonna love what we're cooking up.

3. You get access to awesome programs, products and services at the speed of mouse. No more hunting through search results. Watch for a directory of contributors in the not too distant future.

As an advertiser, what do you get?

1. You get thousands of "eyeballs" seeing your logo each and every time PixelsAnyone.com is seen. That means tons of traffic for you.

2. You get qualified, targeted clicks. Your logo and text message serve as your own personal billboard. When someone sees you logo and your text message, then they choose to click through to your site.

3. Your advertising cost is ridiculously low. Your 10x10 square for $100 works out to $20 a year (your ad is up for a full five years). That's $1.66 a month. Per day, it's .055 for your ad to be seen by thousands. Much less expensive than Google and no bidding process.

Reserve your space today while there are still choice spots. "Above the fold" click-through rates are 3 times higher than lower on the page. As usual, upper left and center tends to generate the most clicks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make PixelsAnyone.com your default home page today.

Get your own ad seen by millions over the next 5 years. You'll be in very good company!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Pixel Advertising, Fad or Trend?

Pixel ads, the one's made famous by young Alex Tews, of the UK... There's no middle ground, you either love pixel ads, or you hate them!

Is it possible to separate your emotions from reality here?

The technical term for pixel is picture element, a pixel is a single point in a graphic image. Graphics monitors display pictures by dividing the display screen into thousands (or millions) of pixels, arranged in rows and columns. The pixels are so close together that they appear connected.

This means that for years, we have been in the "pixel advertising" business!

First came those big clunky, in your face banners. It got even worse when animation became the norm.

The most famous call to action "CLICK HERE" screamed at you.

Today you still find web pages chock full of nothing but big ugly low converting obnoxious 468 x 60 banners.

Over the years, the average banner size has really changed size. As Google and other search engines are providing ways to monetize pages with things like Google AdSense, things like the vertical banner and the leaderboard banner have become very popular.

I've got one question, though...

What if you could create room for even more ads while actually giving up less precious cyber-estate?

I really believe that what Alex has created with his collage of advertising ranging from 10 x 10 pixels to whatever size you can afford at $1 a pixel is providing a new platform.

In the short time (just over a month) no less than 100 "copycat" pages have sprouted like weeds. Some are total rip-offs, right down to the actual web design. Others are more subtle attempts at creativeness. There are even some which are very creative, with unique scripting.

Alas, many are also fading quickly into the big bit-bucket in the sky.

Those few with the staying power will have a say in how graphic advertising is delivered in the not-too-distant future.

For an example of what one company with "staying power" is doing, visit http://pixelsanyone.com.


Shari Thomas, owner of AskShari.com and co-author of "Setting Up Affiliate Showcase.com" is a leader in discovering and reporting about innovative programs and solid internet marketing concepts. She writes about these programs in "Shari's Golden Nuggets".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

PixelsAnyone.com... the clear winner for pure exposure

You want your ad seen?

You've got to put it on PixelsAnyone.com, the revoultionary new traffic driving strategy just launched this last week.

Here's what we're doing for you.

1. You choose where you want your ad to show up.

2. We're driving 1000's of page views per hour to this site. Our Alexa ranking reached 4987 just 24 hours after our site was indexed.

3. Our jv partners, who are mailing to their lists as we speak are encouraging their readers to make PixelsAnyone.com their DEFAULT browser page.

4. Major press releases have been sent out and picked up by Yahoo! News and others.

What does that do for you?

It pretty much guarantees that your ad will be seen EVERY TIME those people logon to the world wide web. Your little ad will be seen many times a day by the same person. It takes hundreds of "touches" on the Internet to move your would-be customer to action.

Over the next five years, your icon will be seen countless millions of times in ways I can't yet discuss. Let's just say that living on the homepage is only one option.

Get your icon on PixelsAnyone.com now while there are still prime locations. In this case, it really does pay to come on board early.

Then, help us help you by changing your default page to PixelsAnyone.com and by asking everyone you know to do the same thing. Watch for frequent updates to the page as new icons are added. Within the next few days we'll have an automated script which will speed the uploads... the only thing consant will be change!


who's now caught up on her sleep in Forest Grove...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yahoo! PixelsAnyone.com Drives Alexa Rankings Crazy!

We did it! Proven, beyond reasonable doubt. PixelsAnyone.com delivers the traffic!

Check our our pre-launch Alexa Stats. In just 4 short days, using a subdomain at JPEAdvertising.com we drove the Alexa rankings sky-high. From a 3 month average of 64,895 to a one week average of 34,829 and now... today to 18,236.

To check our Alexa rating forJPE Advertising, just go to Alexa.com and enter http://jpeadvertising.com. Click on the number where it says Traffic rank and scroll down to today.

Watch us do even better at PixelsAnyone.com as we blast this baby to the top.

Things only get better from here on out. Within the next day, watch for our very own PixelsAnyone blog. I'll be inviting advertisers to share their results as we've made it possible for our advertisers to track their stats in real time.

Oh, and this IS a profitable project. We've had so many advertisers clamoring to grab the prime spaces, Phil has barely had time to do the "three 's'" (truck driver talk...****, shower, and shave).

Jane, bless her little cabbage patch heart has been keeping track of every penny coming in, and ensuring the advertisers pixel requests are handled promptly.

Me? I'm slowly getting caught up here... ready for the next round when we all move to the new blog at PixelsAnyone.com

If you've not checked it out, hurry on over. I promise you're little ol' eyes will just bug right out of your head.

Oh, and just think... this is only the first generation of pixel ads delivery. I can't wait for the next generation.

Shari Thomas
somewhat less sleepless in Forest Grove

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pixels Anyone is moving on up even before it's launched!

Wow, Monday was pretty much a blur...

Spent the day doing "critical competitive analyis". Rule #3 in my marketing mind is "know thy competitor". No, I'm not sharing what I found just yet.

Let's just say that 12 hours of staring at a computer screen can make you a little groggy.

Talked with my zany partners, Phil and Jane yesterday. They're both moving along at warp speed, clearing their schedules of anything exept this all-important launch of Pixels Anyone. Mark your calendar. Set your watch... I'm holding their feet to the fire. Launch is Oct 5!

So far, we've sold over $12.2K in ads! Those have been sold to savvy marketers who are also on board to help us promote our baby. Market reach is what sets us apart from all the competition.

Check the JPEAdvertising.com Alexa rating if you're not really sure. They have a solid 8 year track record with a long-term average traffic rank of 64,895 and the daily rank has now dropped (that's the way you want it to go) to 38,913. This ALL on the strength of the pre-launch push of PixelsAnyone.com.

On another note... I'm still kind of sleepless in Forest Grove. After all that analysis yesterday, I thought what a great time to crash early. Both Jane and Phil were so far ahead of schedule that they took the rest of the night off, too.

I hit the sack about 9pm only to have the phone ring at 9:30. Got no idea who it was... I don't get up to answer phones. But it did jolt me just enough to start the pixel parade in my head... not good.

For 2 more hours, I tossed and turned unable to stop the pixel parade... until the power went off. Yeah, the power went off all over town. That's extremely unsual here. We've not lost power in over 3 years.

Now, you'd think the total darkness and quiet would lull me to sleep. It would except for the incessant "beep, beep, beep, beep" of the UPS for the computer. Up to crawl around under the desk and shut it off... Back to bed.

OMG, the pixel parade starts again, and this time, there's nothing I can do. Can't see to make notes. No juice for the computer. No nothing. Just me, total darkness wanting to go to sleep and dealing with a pixel parade.

Some 4 hours later, the pixel parade has passed in review and I peacefully drift off to sound sleep... no longer sleepless in Forest Grove.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

One step closer to launch date...

It's me... the sleepless one in Forest Grove

We're one step closer to the full launch. Pre-launch of PixelsAnyone.com happens on October 5,2005.

You need to be a part of this.

History is in the making here. PixelsAnyone.com created by JPEAdvertising.com is the first true heavyweight (but very light-footed) advertising agency to wake up to this new rage... ads by the pixel.

Really it's something that is inevitable.

What worked just 6 months ago in online advertising is old, stale, out-of-date and out of touch with the most important group on the Internet... the kids!

In your face advertising, billboard style just doesn't cut the mustard with these savvy mobile youngsters. Ahh, but art backed by a very creative message is absolutely unresistable...

It's like putting a "Do Not Touch" sign on the cookie jar. You know what's gonna happen.

Anyways, I've got to catch a few hours of sleep before my other zany partner comes to life and wonders if I've been working.

Oh, results? You're expecting results already? Check out http://jpeadvertising/pixelsanyone/ and see our results... over $4K in ads sold, 2 press releases and within the next 48 hours, on a dedicated server, with our own built from scratch script... fully launched.

When you want your pixels professionally promoted... you go with JPEAdvertising.com/pixelsanyone/

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Radical Ad Concept Blows My Mind... and makes money

Whoa boy! Here I am... sleepless in Forest Grove!

That's right. Sit a spell while I bring you up to date. You're gonna love this, for sure...

Last Sunday (9/25/2005) a business associate of mine called wondering if I'd like to co-op an ad with him. Seems a young college dude in the UK had come up with an awesome way to pay for his university education.

Here's the link. You'll either think the kid's a genius or a flash in the pan... there's no middle gound.

As usual, I immediately began talking it up amongst my network. Most folks said... what, you're gonna advertise with him? Why don't you just copycat him?

Well, long story short, I am advertising with him.

But, here's why I'm sleepless in Forest Grove...

You see, my intuition is really powerful. It's rarely steered me wrong, whether it's been "get involved" or "run for your life". This sucker has kept me awake nights. That means I MUST take action!

Hmm, who you gonna call when you can't do it by yourself?

I know... my whacky friends in New York. Joe and Mable, this could be the deal that gets Mable her trip to Paris. Me? I'd be happy with retirement to a golf course, but that's another story.

Sleepless... I found Jane (that's Mable) online. It was 2AM here... 5AM in New York. She's an early bird. (I've been to New York, and it's already noisy by then. I'd be up, too.)

Anyhow, I showed her the kid's link and waited for reaction.

Just as I expected... Mable didn't get it! "I don't get it. It's just a bunch of logos."


You see, there's so much more to this whole thing than just the homepage with a bunch of little tiny ads. It's all about the entire marketing system. Put together correctly, it unleashes the most powerful ultimate linking strategy in the world.

And, the really good news... it's truly affordable for everyone!

So, with less than a full week under us... here's where we are now. You're gonna want to get on board really fast as we've got HUGE JV partners screaming at us to include them. I'd tell you who, but I'm sworn to secrecy until after Oct 5. That's when "all hell breaks loose". Sure glad we've got some awesome programmers and a ton of server resources.

You can get a preview of the site here...

Now, if you're someone who has an extremely responsive list of a few thousand folks... contact me and we'll talk. I'll monitor for comments.

Ok... more tomorrow. I'm so tired I can hardly put one finger in front of the other...


Shari... sleepless in Forest Grove

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Super Income Earner for the Right Person!

I've been learning all about the e-currency exchange market making business. It's a total hoot!

Here's the kind of person who will do well in this business.
  1. You'll have to have some basic math skills.
  2. Attention to detail is very important.
  3. You'll need to be willing to endure a very intense learning curve.
  4. You'll need some money to get going in this business.
Here's what you won't be needing, or even asked to do.
  1. You won't be asked to sell anything to anyone for any reason.
  2. You won't be asked to recruit anyone for any reason.
  3. You won't be spending any money on anything outside of the course to teach you the business, and your own initial cash deposit for your own business.
  4. You won't be asked to write any kind of ads, or create any kind of web site.
As you can see, this is pretty revolutionary compared to what's been available on the Internet.

Just so you know, here's what my trek into this business has looked like.

I was introduced to it by a business associate who is a retired Wall Street analyst and CPA. He and I have been doing some other joint venture stuff when he finally caught my attention about this.

The course cost me $750. That's a lifetime fee. The course was written this May, just after a full upgrade to the e-currency exchange network. The course is contiually updated as the system is tweaked. You get the most current strategy advice as well as theory of the business so you can make your own intelligent decisions. The course is delivered via streaming audio and video.

I bought my course July 1 and spent the weekend reviewing it. It's pretty dry stuff, and the instructor has A LOT to say. I had to take about 5 naps! Talk about information overload...

I began moving money from one account (PayPal) to e-Bullion about July 12. That is always an adventure. Thank goodness I have a PayPal debit card. Take it from there, and go to the Wells Fargo to do the e-Bullion deposit. Of course, I wanted more than what I could get in a single day, so it was a bit of a dance for a few days.

Deposit completed and I was ready to rock and roll with my new account July 17.

By the end of 30 days, I had done 3 deposits ($750, $125, and $125). That's just the way the money became available to me.

My little $1000 nest egg had grown to a face value of $3,202.74. The actual cash value, after fees $1063.60. That's a net 6.3% return in just 30 days! And, during the slowest time of the year!

In the 3 short days since, I've leveraged the face value of my portfolio to over $5100. I've been seeing cash gains of around $10 for the last 3 days. As I continue to attend to my portfolio, those cash gains will increase.

The goal is to reach a total portfolio value of at least $100K. At that time, it will pretty much supply my full-time income. Estimated time for that is less than 1 year.

If you think you'd like to know more about this business, be sure to check out my page at e-currencypro.com.

Like I said, this is one super business for the right person. Stay at home moms or dads, retirees, especially grandparents who would like to help with their grandkid's education.

Until later,
Shari Thomas

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Article: Women in Home Business...

Women in home business want four simple things.

When you provide those four things, you're business will thive with a teeming organization of very happy part-time home business women who are ravenously enthusiastic about your products.

Oh... the four things aren't what you think they are, either.

Check them out at Ask-Us.biz.

See how your business stacks up. Maybe there are things you can do without junking your program and starting over.

Until later,
Shari Thomas

Thursday, May 19, 2005

She-Talk: The Language Women Speak

Did you know... Women are pretty much bi-lingual?

That's right, if you're a woman and you're working, either outside the home or in a home-based business... you're bi-lingual.

You've been trained to speak "boy talk", the language of business.

Your native language is "she talk".

That's the language of your heart.
Could it be that being bi-lingual is one of root causes of your empty feelings about business, and your opportunity for success?

Check out the full article titled:
"She-Talk": What Women Prefer To Speak

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's a new adventure...

Have you ever wondered...
  • How come every home business I get into leaves me feeling like something's missing?
  • How come I just don't get wildly excited about "exploding my business" or "killing my competition?
  • Am I the only one who feels this way?
  • Is it just me? Am I too shy, too reserved, to be out there scrapping with the guys, acting like a used car salesman?
Take heart, it's not you with the problem. It's the businesses, or rather, the way we women have been taught to "do the business".

When you're looking for really serious information about what you can do t change all this, go to www.Ask-Us.biz.

See you there,